Adjustable Valve Spring Remover Kit

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SC-515 Spread Port Kit:

Shaft mount, off-set rocker systems with wide intake off-sets / ”Z” style intake rockers and narrow exhausts.  Examples include: Brodix Big Duke and SR-20, Dart Big Chief, Edelbrock Big Victor, Pro-filer Hitman, Reher Morrison 12 Degree as well as the Brodix Head Hunter with moved centerlines.

The SC-515 KIT comes with the SC-500 Intake tool beam and shaft plus SC-501 Exhaust tool beam and base with one shared compressor assembly that will transfer between beams. Perfect for valve spring maintenance needs. Don’t forget your Speed Handle.

Also for Ford C460 intakes with T&D or Jesel rockers. Use the SC-200 (not the SC-501) for exhausts. We can make a KIT similar to the SC-515 if desired. Call us for details.


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